Instantly Creates A Cool Refreshing Breeze!

    Arctic Air™ Freedom Great For Gardening At the Beach and Mowing The Lawn Arctic Air™ Freedom Great For Exercising Golfing and Relaxing Arctic Air™ Freedom Great For Fishing Biking and Yard Work
Instantly Creates A Cool Refreshing Breeze!

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Introducing Arctic Air™ Freedom

Introducing Arctic Air™ Freedom the cordless, personal cooler! Just slip Arctic Air™ Freedom around your neck, turn it on and the heat is gone! Experience cool, crisp and refreshing air, instantly with Arctic Air™ Freedom. The secret is Advanced Comfort Chill Technology that transforms the air around you into a cool refreshing breeze! Arctic Air™ Freedom is compact, lightweight, and comfortable. It's wearable design keeps your hands free allowing you to take it anywhere!

Arctic Air™ Freedom has three fan speeds, is USB rechargeable and runs for hours. Great for relaxing at home, walking the dog, working at the office, attending a sporting event, exercising at the gym, hanging out at the beach and much more! Take Arctic Air™ Freedom anywhere you need cool, refreshing air!

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Feel up to 20 Degrees Cooler!
Feel up to 20 Degrees Cooler!
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